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Utility Scale projects

Take a deeper dive into Seeraj approach and offers of project management renewable services, more specifically, our utility scale projects where we serve basically four profiles of projects with a tailor made concept to match each clients needs and targets in the local renewable energy market.

Our Engineering services offer local multidisciplines basic and detail design through our selected sub-contractors while construction services deal with management of all site installation works including provision of manpower staffing, site equipment and local purchase. Our key services now include BOO & IPP services where Seeraj Energy will support you from the early stages of assessment, all the way till start up and energy take off, through tendering, permitting, local financing and EPC. Last but not least, our EPC & STEG projects offer a cost effective way to manage and lead every project phase on your behalf.

The following page contains more information about each project profile.

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Engineering Project

We serve international multi-disciplines engineering firms with their locals contracts including site survey, project collection inputs, local Scope & sub-contract engineering works management, representation with different project stakeholders, etc.


Construction Project

We serve international turnkey solution provider in the Renewable Energy field and Energy Efficiency with the local installation management works, including manpower staffing, site equipment and materials mobilization, local purchase, start up, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

BOO & IPP Projects

We serve Solar and Wind developers, from early assessment and site screening, through development, tendering, permitting, financing, EPCC & Start-up, energy off-take and operation & maintenance.

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EPC & STEG Projects

We serve Renewable Energy EPC Contractors (Wind, Solar and Bioenergy), we assist them, manage and lead on behalf of them every project phases, from tendering, contract agreement, through engineering, procurement & delivery of equipment and materials, construction, commissioning and start-up to handover