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Commercial Solar projects

Learn more about our solar pv commercial projects in Tunisia as we take you through a step by step process, from project management assistance all the way to project implementation.

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 Bid analysis

Bid analysis

For this starting package offer we operate as independent thrid party project consultancy services provider, we therefore advise and assist our customers on the process of identification, evaluating and notation of the several EPC contractors bidders proposals for imlementation of their solar projects

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Starting from early screening of bidders, proposed key solar equipment as panels modules & inverters covering the overall technical and commercial evaluation process with the outcome the recommendation for the selection of the EPC contractor

This package offer includes:

  • Preliminary key criteria of bidders screening for consultation and RFP
  • Technical criteria and weight assigned including sub-criteria as warranties & insurrance, main technical specification to consider in the data sheets
  • Certifications & qualities standards criteria to consider depending on your need and site specific requirements
  • Experience & profile of the equipment suppliers
  • Commercial criteria to be used as window of prices and return on investment period depending on the size of the solar pv facility
  • Minimum requirement of documentation to be included in the proposal including key assumption considered for ROI data use
  • Summary of the evaluation and recommendation for the selection of EPC contractor
Project management assistance

Project management assistance

For this package offer we operate as third party consultancy project services, we assist our customer in every steps of the implementation of their solar EPC turnkey project through all the phases with their designated contractor

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Key package offer includes:

  • Validation of the engineering phase including detailed design, layout, grid interconnection, wind & structural studies, etc.
  • Reviewing of key equipment specification & data sheets and checking bill of materials including inspection, quality control and receipt acceptance
  • Supervision of site installation works ensuring compliance to HSE and quality site inspection requirements
  • Monitoring of site pre-commissioning and commissioning activities till start-up
  • Provide and control ongoing operation and maintenance services as needed during the operation period of the installation
Turnkey Solar EPC solution

Turnkey Solar EPC solution

For this offer we operate as EPC Solar project solution provider. With our partner, we offer complete turnkey solution including detailed engineering, procurement & delivery of equipment & materials, installation, commissioning and start-up on site, and goes beyond with operation & service maintenance period.

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Key package offer cover:

  • Detailed engineering package complying to local and international standards including design & layout studies, grid study, load & wind study, economical study, etc.
  • Quality and cost effective equipment in our proposals ensuring long term performance of the solar plant facility
  • We carefully ensure selection of qualified services providers, contractors and suppliers
  • We bring local project management and development expertise gained during 12 years working experience locally in Tunisia allied with strong partnerships with leading competitive and excellent referenced companies in the development and EPC solar projects services
Solar development solution

Solar development solution

For this package offer we operate as project developer, our offer extend to start from site screening, through development, permitting, engineering, financing, construction, operation & maintenance and decommissioning

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Key package offer cover:During this phase:

  • We screen and visit potential solar sites based on solar resources, vicinity to grid and interest of landowners and other factors
  • During development, we focus on obtaining land control, securing the grid study and engaging important stackeholders
  • During permitting phase, we work closely with local and national authorities to obtain the necessary permits
  • Through engineering phase, we focus on optimization of solar project plant including site layout, energy projects and grid connection
  • Through financing, we work closely with potential investors, we create the potential model and we test it sensitively and strengh, we prepare risk analysis and risk management, we attract investors for the project or for portfolios of development project, we present and test the overall business case with the relevant stakeholders and we secure investor commitments
  • During construction, we focus on safety and cost effectiveness solution, we prepare plan for construction and we operate as EPC solar turnkey solution provider
  • We closely then provide ongoing operation monitoring and maintenance allowing optimization of energy harvesting