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RE Utility Projects

SEERAJ current projects include development of power grid utility scale projects on BOO basis of wind asset of 130 MW, 100 MW under concession regime and 30 MW under Authorization regime and Solar asset of 20 MW, 2×10 MW under authorization regime, all on PPA auctions

SEERAJ Energy have supported locally its clients on all project life-cycle stages from site screening through development and up to application dossier due by 15 of November 2017, 18th of December 2018 and development supports continue for the next period

Commercial Solar Projects

SEERAJ current solar projects include proposals of EPC solar turnkey solutions of a pipeline of commercial scale projects of total of 5 MW

SEERAJ Energy with its partner are offering quality and cost effective EPC solar projects to local clients within the farming and industrial sectors on net-metering basis and under the regime of self consumption

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