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eBook on How to properly select a Commercial Solar PV installation Contractor?

I publish this guide and I recommend it for all Companies and/or industries that will engage in the implementation of a solar PV turnkey solution.

This guide is intended for future owners of photovoltaic solar installations of capacity ranging from 100 KW to 2 MW within the commercial, agricultural and industrial sector. It includes:

Pre-qualification methodology selection of EPC Contractors

Technical evaluation

The evaluation criteria for photovoltaic solar modules including key criteria for performance and longevity.

Key criteria for evaluation of inverters.

Importance and weights of the evaluation criteria.

Commercial evaluation

Cost per KWc of reference according to the power segment.

Reference recovery period according to the power segment.

Comparison table and weighting

Comparison Methodology

Weighting of criteria

Recommendation for selection

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N.B: For more information contact me via my e-mail address: adel.dhouib@seeraajenergy.com

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